The weekly Rattlecast livestreams an interview and reading with a featured poet every Tuesday night on YouTube. Afterward, we offer an open mic where anyone can participate, either by calling in live on Skype, or submitting audio recordings ahead of time using this form. 

Before reading the poem, please introduce yourself and the poem, by saying who you are, where you're recording from, and anything else you'd like to mention about the poem, including where it's been published. 

Please include both an audio recording and the text of the poem, so that we can show the poem on screen.

The maximum time limit on the open mic is 5 minutes per poet.  

This is an open mic, so anyone who follows those steps and provides a recordings of sufficient sound quality and appropriate length will have their poems played and shown on an upcoming broadcast at some point as soon as there is room. There is no payment for participating in the open mic, and anyone is welcome to share any poem. Because some publishers might consider this a form of "publication," we recommend that you only send poems that have already been published, but that choice is yours to make. 

If your poem responds specifically to a poet we have in an upcoming episode or the current week's prompt, put their name or PROMPT in the title line of the submission so we know to try to get it in that week. Relevant poems must be received by Monday night to be featured in that week's episode. 

After submitting the poem and audio file, please subscribe to our YouTube channel

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.