Ends on January 15, 2019

Our Summer 2019 issue will be dedicated to Instagram Poets. The poems may be any style, length, or subject, but must have first appeared on Instagram and not yet appeared in print. Our goal is to find the best poetry that's happening on this new and dynamic platform, and the best poets who are primarily publishing there. Submissions may include artwork if you have the ability to license its use (i.e. if the art is also your original work, Creative Commons licensed, or in the public domain.). 

Please send up to four of your own poems using direct links to Instagram. You may also nominate up to two of your favorite poems by someone else using the same method, and we will reach out to them for permission if chosen. Nominations are entirely optional and will have no effect on your submission, but will help us in our mission to find the best poets we can. 

Payment for all work published is $100 per poem and a one-year print subscription to Rattle. We'll also send a free copy of the issue to anyone who nominates a poet that ends up being published there.