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Our Spring 2023 issue will feature a Tribute to Irish Poets. Poems may be written on any subject, in any style or length, but the poet must identify as Irish and have spent a significant period of time in Ireland. Our intention is to highlight and connect with the contemporary poetry scene in Ireland. Translations from the Irish language are welcome, but all submissions should be in English. 

Please submit up to four previously unpublished poems (or pages of short poems) at the same time. The poems maybe be uploaded in a single file, multiple files, or paste/type the poem(s) into the box provided on the next page. Do not include your name or contact information within the file. Do not submit more work in this category until we've replied. 

If you have any questions, see our full guidelines

We're also seeking cover art for this issue, and would be especially interested in cover art created by librarians, but don't hesitate to submit anything relevant. Use our art category to submit art. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.